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About Picture Book Crafts August 4, 2012

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About Picture Book Crafts.


A BIG Idea July 12, 2012

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Even though I haven’t posted in a while, I have been thinking a lot about my plans…

I had an idea the other day for a BIG way to celebrate the end of this project when I turn 40.  Something I would definitely NEVER do is throw myself a big party.  So I was thinking it would be cool if I had a big party at a hotel for my 40th where I have 39 (or 40?) different activities for the guests to try.  I would try to find 39 (or 40?) different people/companies who would be wiling to set up booths with make & take projects, or trials of things– massages, make up, etc– just thinking out loud at this point.  Anybody have thoughts?


A gallery of some of my work February 6, 2007

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Please click below to view a slideshow gallery of some of my work!



what i did this weekend

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I felt like I was getting back into the swing of things this weekend after getting together with my mom & a friend to scrap… I have been so completely out of the loop and just struggling to find my creative flow again. Long story, but I’ve been going through some health stuff and between dealing with that and the overall change of so many other things, I’ve just been in a slump. I’ve never been one to make page kits… when we had the store, it didn’t make sense to spend the time to do it since if I needed something, I could just pick it up when I went into the store. But, I have, over the past few days discovered the joy of page kits.

I think since the store closed, I’ve almost subsonsciously been afraid to use up my cardstock–lol… it’s not like there are not any other stores around–lol– not sure what that’s been about, but… in the process of doing that, my paper and cardstock got pretty darn dusty… ick! So, I ‘ve been cleaning my paper and my studio and that spurred me on to start the process with the photos. That was a handful! I am used to being the one helping others scrap and taking what I can get in the way of scrapping according to what I had to work on FOR work… now that I’m on this side of the story, it’s been strangley uncomfortable for me to let go and concern myslef with my own photos and layouts… sounds strange, I know… but I think I’m sort-of going through a workaholic de-tox right now. 😉

Anyway, I discovered the joy of making page kits– something you apparently have to do when you scrap someplace other than your own studio… and in the lidst of that discovery, I also found out that it’s not a bad idea to make them for use in your own studio either… especially when you have been out of the creative loop and need someway to ease yourself back into things.

So, I made something like 12 kits– yes– that is 12 layouts! And, this weekend, I got 2 pages done and one more started… so that leaves me lots of stuff to work on from home– yay! AND we are already on our FIFTH snowday of the school-year and expecting 3-5 more inched today (ugh– I HATE winter!)– so at least, maybe I’ll have something to keep me busy. Since I am finally feeling creative again, that should work out nicely… as will the newly installed DSL and my free trial of Adobe PhotoShop 5.0. 😉

K… I’ll share my other creations in the following days as I get them done… oooo… gotta get going on that MOPS stuff, too– ack!– anyway… here are the two I got done Sunday..

cold*play: Used sei papers and my cool PSE stuff… the only way snow is fun to me is on a layout. 😉 .cold*play

crybaby: I still love Chatterbox papers. 🙂 crybaby-layout-dpi.jpg

K…. more later I’m sure…



the schtuff in my hands…

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This is the section where I’ll be chatting about the schtuff in my hands up there in the header…my life as a Christian, a work-from-home mom and wife, a writer, editor, designer and crafter, a person who likes to take pictures… I suspect I’ll have lots of things to share here… looking forward to it! 🙂


what’s up in the designer info category

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In this section of my blog, I’ll be posting info on all things design-related… creative industry designer info, manufacturer and product info, trends, events, news and publication information.

Creative industry designers should also check out DesignerZine.com.  Check “links” for more info. 😉


what’s coming…

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Watch my blog in the crafting with kids category… I’ll be adding some projects, techniques and ideas here for those who craft with kids. If you scrapbook or craft with kids, I hope you’ll post your thoughts, questions and comments here… I’d love to chat with you!

If you’re looking for specific lesson plans for scrapbooking and paper crafting with kids from preschool through highschool, be sure to check out my book, The Ultimate Guide to Scrapbooking with Children.

The Ultimate Guide to Scrapbooking with Children